Brian Dashore

Future physician. Hobbyist developer. Eastern media enjoyer. Reinventing the wheel.

Who am I?

My name is Brian Dashore, a self-taught hobbyist developer, and I am studying for a degree in medicine. I am currently located in Long Island, New York.

From sixth grade, I was interested in medicine and learning how the human body works. I’ve always had an inherent desire to help people since so many helped me when I suffered through chronic illness. I have spent many years over studying biology, anatomy, nutrition, and other fields of medicine. Eventually, I was accepted to NYIT’s 7-year BS/DO program in February of 2020. I am currently studying there and will obtain my DO in 7 years. From there, I am planning to study immunology and make a career/practice for myself.

I have presented in various conferences in Harvard Spaulding Hospital, Autism One, and the International Mold Congress for CEU credits. If you would like to know more about my story, please go to

My work as a developer started at age 15 where I learned how to program in Python and created a small mario-kart 2d-game in However, I lost interest in programming due to a lack of project ideas. I stumbled upon the Android community and built my own custom kernel in 2018 using C. In February of 2020, I started programming bots using the Discord, Twitch, and Twitter APIs. These bots are semi-popular, and I have designed them with goals of educating the public and making my social media life easier. Nowadays, I tend to work on applications for Apple products to make various functions on their devices easier for the end user.

I feel that development ties well into medicine since learning multiple languages/principles will allow me to succeed in future medical careers and possibly create my own healthcare-oriented software.

Rust, TS, JS, Swift, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, C

Have used:
Unity, SwiftUI, Discord bot API, Twitch API, Twitter bot API, React.js, Nextjs, Tailwind CSS, Git

My Work


A torrent searcher and debrid streamer for iOS.


An iOS application which bridges the gap between your iDevice and iTunes. Available on the App Store.


An immersive web browser for iOS, iPadOS,and MacOS. Available on the App Store.


Makes your discord administration experience simple and easy.


A multipurpose bot which enhances your discord server experience.


Reliable and cross-platform notifications for your ongoing mangas.